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  • Gamification & Educational Innovations

    Thought leadership in games-based training and learning, including customized workforce solutions.

  • Curriculum & Training Assessments

    We know how to evaluate, design, write, and deliver best-in-class curriculum.

  • Workforce Development & Training Solutions

    Assessments and coaching to build your team's expertise, activate your workforce, and reach your KPIs.

  • Process & Communication Improvements

    Customized development of processes, procedures, policies, and communications.

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Case Studies

A look at a few of the projects we've worked on.

Just a few of the problems we have helped organizations tackle include:

  • How to bridge generational gaps in the workplace;
  • How to support non-traditional students, first-generation students, and student veterans;
  • How to scale business needs through the optimization of internal operations;
  • How to design customized curriculum that motivates, inspires, and engages diverse student populations;
  • How to empower employees with personalized professional development pathways;
  • How to lead educators to become coaches and mentors who are focused on student success; and
  • How to inspire students to become self-directed lifelong learners.

See below for a few of our biggest success stories.

Case Study #1

Bridging Generational Gaps Increased Enrollment by 72%

The Problem: A university needed to revamp a 25-year old program to better connect with today's students and increase enrollments.

Our Process: We conducted campus-wide interviews, networked across multiple departments, surveyed students and professors, conducted usability testing, and did market research on educational approaches and career outcomes.

The Results: The development of new courses, ideas for a new program, an entirely new website redesign, and the creation of two new student organizations led to a 72% increase in enrollment within six months.

Case Study #2

Development of New Curriculum Contributed to 35% Revenue Growth

The Problem: One of our clients knew they had good curriculum but they wanted to make it great. The problem was they didn't know where to start.

Our Process: Our research study reached hundreds of students, dozens of faculty and staff, and covered hours of interviews and focus research data. We did an in-depth analysis of the curriculum. We then created a recommendation report for improving the curriculum and building a world-class team.

The Results: As a result of our recommendations, the company hired us again to recruit, onboard, and train a team of designers, writers, and educators to build best-in-class curriculum. The results have contributed to a more than 35% revenue growth in just one year.

Case Study #3

Marketing Campaign Increased Student Use of University Library

The Problem: A university's library contacted us, unsure how to market their services to get more students in the doors.

Our Process: We conducted usability testing and surveys across the university. We then wrote a research-based recommendation report that provided actionable data, as well as mock-ups of a comprehensive marketing plan with logos, taglines, copywriting, social media campaigns, digital solutions for connecting with younger audiences, and more.

The Results: Library faculty and staff were thrilled with the results and reported an increase in student engagement and interaction with their librarians. The library has since gone on to be one of the premiere university libraries, including hosting a world-renowned digital collection that connects with today's students.

Some companies we've worked for and with:

Companies we have worked for and with